Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I'm Ainaechoiriel and I just heard about these blog things from my Mortal Alter Ego (MAE), Gabrielle. I don't know that I'll be writing here as often as she writes in her blog, but we'll just have to wait and see if I have anything interesting to say.

I become obsessed with the Lord of the Rings after watching the Fellowship of the Rings. I had to know the rest of the story and couldn't possibly wait a year! So I bought the book and read it in two weeks. I also bought the Silmarillion and The Hobbit and read them. I'm now nearly finished with the Unfinished Tales.

Just to show you that I am truly obsessed, I will tell you that I have six LOTR posters on my wall (not including my cubicle at work), a reproduction of the scene at Amon Hen in action figures on my dresser, Arwen's sword, a massive LOTR Chess Set, two copies of FOTR on DVD (the regular and the Extended), and much, much more. I even went to see The Towers at midnight, in costume! (You can see that costume and how I made it here.) I'm obsessed, but I'm no squee-ing fangirl, have no fear.

About a year ago, I read a LOTR story on Fanfiction.net and reviewed it. The author replied and lo and behold, it was someone I knew from DS9 fanfiction. She invited me to the YahooGroup called Henneth_Annun and it's archive HASA.

I found an Elvish name at The BarrowDowns that I really liked and thus, Ainaechoiriel was born.

Though I never intended to write any fanfiction under this name--mainly because I was intimidated with the idea of writing Tolkienesque--I gave in and wrote a story that was running near and dear to my heart. My grandmother was becoming sick when the idea first came to me. I decided to write it after she died. She went with a rather unique attitude. She was ready. More than that, she was mad she hadn't gone yet. She didn't fear death. In my story, Merry and Pippin ask Legolas not to grieve overmuch for them when they die. They, like my grandma, are ready to go and don't want him to die of grief because of all his mortal friends. It's called Immortal and can be found on Ff.net if the site will ever come back up.

My second story was a surprise. I had declared myself immune to Nuzgul (vampiric LOTR plot bunnies) but I decided to pick one up and pet it. It bit--in first person. I'd never written first person before. It took three drafts of that story before I felt it was on the right track. Several people helped me with it at HASA and I called the fourth draft Done. This story is called Myth and Memory. It follows a young Rohan doorwarden as he observed a certain Elf on the way to Helm's Deep. It's movie-verse, too, just so you know.

The third story is the shortest. For Memorial Day, fellow fanficcer Dwimordene posted a challege to the HA list. It had to be less than 500 words and posted by midnight, May 26th. It also had to be a reflection of war in some way. Those tiny nuzgul (or nuzglings) are the hardest to keep away. Suddenly Bob (the narrator in Myth and Memory has no mentioned name, so I have to call him something) started talking again, this time to his grandson. This story is called Namesake. I don't have it posted on my site yet, but I will soon.

Lately, I'm back to being immune. I'm letting my MAE do all the writing. I am thinking of making a new dress though. I have a beautiful nightgown (thick material though, don't worry) that would work great as the basis for an Elf dress. So I looked through the LOTR Costume web site and found the Rose dress. I think that will work well. My gown is dark green, so I'll have a lighter colored overdress, but it shouldn't be too hard to make. I found a good pattern to use as a basis for the outer dress and it shouldn't take much tweaking.

Well, that's it from me, for now. Check out my web site and if you'd like to e-mail me, you can find the link there: The Land of Myth and Memory.


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