Tuesday, May 25, 2004

MEFA Update

We've had nearly 400 nominations thus far. Nearly 300 of them are official (author's must give their approval). We've weathered a few storms (NC17, slash vs. het, etc.) quite well, I think, though, regrettably, we lost a few people along the way. It was their choice to leave, though. We haven't kicked anyone out yet.

Still, we've got over 100 members thus far and a new one trickles in now and then.

Just a little more than 1/2 a month left for nominating then it will be time for Check Ballots. Check Ballots are test ballots. They'll look like the ballots but it will be time for authors and nominators to check them over and make sure everything is correct. Authors who haven't given their permission yet, have until the end of Check Ballot Season to get them in.

After Check Ballot Season is a hefty Reading Season so that all the reader/voters will have time to read some of those nominated stories.

And yes, all this is still keeping Gabrielle from writing her Trek story. It may help that summer is about to start and all the shows she watches will be in rerun.


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