Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Nuzguls are dangerous

Nuzguls, if I haven't mentioned it before, are fanged plot bunnies of the Lord of the Rings Variety,a nd my friend Dwimordene is a purveyor of these little beasts. She introduced us to a big one recently that I'm hoping will nibble on me.

This is more of a project than a story nuzgul. In the first part of the project, one group will create evidence, artifacts that when researched will shed new light on Middle-Earth. Tolkien, himself, in his writing, claimed to simply be translating documents such as the Red Book of Westmarch.

The second group will then "research" that new evidence and write stories or articles based on their findings.

I don't particularly want to be in the second group, though perusing the evidence created may change my mind. I want to be in the first group. I'm just trying to get this nuzgul to bite me so I might know what evidence I'm supposed to create.

Stay tuned!


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