Thursday, June 03, 2004

Off to Boston!

Well, not for awhile yet. But I am going. The exhibit I saw in London is coming to the US. It will start Aug. 1st, but a group of us from the internet (LOTR Costumers Gather group mostly) are going on Oct. 4th. I already bought my ticket. I should be able to get there with frequent flyer miles. I just need to find a place to stay. Cheaply.

The ROTK DVD is out, of course, and I have mine. Watched on the way out of town the last weekend. And dashed off a bunch of screen captures to make Awards Banners out of. There are at least two more I want to get from the Black Gate, but I have already made about 30 ore more. You can see all the banner submissions (not just mine) at the MEFA site. We've still got a few categories with no banners, but some are really getting up there. The Grey Havens has 12 or 13.

Oh, that's right. I haven't written about that yet. The Elves category changed it's awards. We now have, in order, The Lothlorien, The Imladris, and The Grey Havens Awards. And the Morgoth Award became the Morgoth Bauglir Award, just to make the title sound better. I do prefer longer titles.

We have almost 400 nominations for the awards now, and about 130 members thus far. We still have some we are seeking author permission on and some still need to be added to the database by the categorizers. We have a little lesss than 2 weeks left of Nomination Season.

There is still plenty of time to join in the MEFAs. You can still nominate until June 15th. And after that you can vote this fall. And, of course, you can make all the banners your heart desires! I do screen captures, but you can be as creative as you like. Just keep them smallish. We want banners or buttons, not splash screens.


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