Tuesday, August 05, 2003

And so it begins

The sewing, that is. I started on Saturday night. I sewed all the main panels of the outer dress and it's looking good. It's very long. About four inches below my feet, and that's in the front. The back has a train!

I didn't find an exact match for the green, but I got something close and interesting. It almost seems to change color in different light when you move it around. I got 16 beautiful buttons to use for the sleeves as well, and an interesting trim to go around the arms.

On Sunday I sewed the collar facing. I still need to understitch it and press it down.

Last night, I worked on the sleeves. Or rather the modification to the sleeves. I hemmed the long panels and sewed them to the shorter sleeves.

Tonight, I want to finish the collar and then get those sleeves put together. I will try to get them sewn onto the main body of the dress, but I may have to save that for another day.


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