Thursday, October 23, 2003

The LoTR Exhibit in London

I was there! And I was, apparently, the only Elf to visit. Several people were quite impressed with my dress. One even asked how I'd made it. It also made it a lot easier for the folks I was meeting to recognize me!

It was a great exhibit. I got to see most of the cast's costumes up close. The attention to detail was amazing. For example, Theoden's costume included a Rohan symbol on the leather that goes beneath his armor. It would never show on film, but it was there nonetheless. Such detail helped the actors to really get into their characters.

Of course, I loved Legolas's costume and weapons the most. They had the Lothlorien bow and arrows with his costume, but around the corner, we could see his Mirkwood bow and get an upclose view of those beautiful knives he carries.

There were also costumes for the bad guys: Saruman, Lurtz, several different Orcs and what-not. Oh, yes, and a Nazgul.

There were videos and props to tell how they made parts of the movies. For example, they made many props and costumes in two three sizes. Frodo's clothes in the big size to fit Elijah Wood were normal. The smaller size to fit his double looked just the same, except that even the weave of the fabric was tighter! They scaled the weave! Again, the attention to detail was stunning!

Another favorite weret he scrolls that Gandalf looked through. Each paper had actual writing! The glass cabinet full of feet was a bit disturbing, especially to me as I'd been to Auschwitz (or my Mortal Alter Ego had been) just a few days before.

Alas but we were unable to take photographs in the exhibit. I would probably have filled an entire memory stick with images. I was very good, and only spent a meager 12.96 pounds at the museum store! I bought writerly things: postcards, pens, a memo pad, and a notebook. All featuring Legolas in some way, of course. :-)


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