Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Nomination Season Closes!

And I think you can say it was successful. We've got 550 nominations and counting! There are still some that need to be collected (they are already submitted) and we still need some author premissions. It's possible we might hit 600 by the time all the nominations are in!

If you're a member or planning to participate in the voting this fall, I can't say this enough: Vote Early!

By that I mean, read the stories, write up your comments, and save the comments in a file on your hard drive. Then you can cut and paste them into the ballots this fall. Write the comments while your memory is fresh about the story. Keep in mind that the more you write the more points you are giving that story. So rank them accordingly.

And "vote early" for authors too. There will be author categories. Every author who has a story in a category will be automatically nominated for that category. So write what you like about the authors esp. in regards to that category, as their name may come up more than once and you want to vary your votes at least a little.

If you are a member now, you'll see Check Ballots soon. Look over them. If you see a story you know that's in the wrong category, has the wrong author, a bad link, etc., let us know. That's what Check Ballots are for!

Also, if you see an asterisk (*) by someone's story, it means we don't have permission yet. We're giving authors until June 30th to give permission. So if we get it, we'll remove the asterisk. If not, we'll have to remove the story.



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