Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I Filked

I drabbled, too. I had been talking to Dwim about the fact that I thought it might be hard to write a drabble. Just 100 words to tell a story. A short story can be hard in that you have to find a full story that only takes place in a short time--and a short amount of pages. But 100 words? That's a snapshot. Terribly brief.

She encouraged me to try. I should have known better than to trust her.

I looked at the wishes of those with birthdays in June and yes, one of them caught me. Tar-Miriel. I ended up writing two drabbles because the first one turned out non-canonical. Both are up at www.fanfiction.net in the Books/Silmarillion category. I haven't posted them to my site yet.

And the filk? I don't know what possessed me. I can't write humor and I can't write songs.... But for some silly reason, I tried. The only song I could think of the tune of was Amazing Grace. So I tried "Amazing Elf..." and went on from three. 4 verses, I think. And witty. It's at www.fanfiction.netin the Books/Lord of the Rings category.

Of course, you could always just do a search on my name to find all three of these new pieces.

MEFA Update? We've gotten a few more author approvals. And an author decline. There are still 9 stories needing approval. Other than that, we're doing good. Check Ballot Season has only today and tomorrow left.


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