Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Post Mortem

Post mortem? Well, that's what it's called at ASC so that's what I'm calling it in the MEFA's. It's a time when we, the members, decide what worked, what didn't, and what we might want to change.

It actually started in December and it's nearly over now. For the month of December we discussed changes to the rules and structure. We changed the character counts for each point value, decided authors would do the categorizing, allowed for graduated categories and some other changes.

This month, we've been suggesting new or replacement categories. There are several in polls right now, waiting for the results. Some new categories we might get: Villians (in place of Orcs), Alternate Universe, Movie-verse, Suspense (combining Horror and Mystery), Non-Fiction, Post-Ring War, and Dwarves. Once those polls are decided, we'll work on choosing three award titles for the new categories and changing others if we want to (I think Faramir could be good for Drama, but then he might be needed for Gondor if Gondor graduates from a subcategory to a category).

We also decided to move the awards up one month so that they start in April and the voting ends in September rather than on Halloween. That made for a tough crunch last year. This should ease things up.