Thursday, May 18, 2006

Boy, it's been a long time

Even for an Elf to notice. Anyway, part of the reason why I've not been blogging here is evidenced by not blogging here. My MAE (Mortal Alter Ego) met this guy. And life got busier and busier until she was hardly taking the time to be me. I'd made maybe 40 comments in the 2005 MEFAs. The year before I'd make over 300! And I started ignoring all my duties as Admin. Marta, thankfully, was there to take over most of it. Sulriel and some others took up the slack, too.

I officially retired from the MEFA Admin-ship this week. I'm still keeping my toes in the door of the fandom. I still have hopes of writing more stories, should the Valar choose to gift me with the inspiration for them. Or should the darling little Nuzgul bite my ankles. I'll take it either way!

But alas, nothing at this time. When my MAE does sit down to write, too often she becomes her secret alter ego, which isn't me. She has let me try to find a nuzgul now and then though. I went trolling through the Nuzgul Hutch and challenges at HASA, holding up my robes to expose the skin above my boots, but sadly, nothing bit.

And so, not only will I not be admining the MEFAs, I'm not likely to have a story in the nominations even this year. Justice, I suppose. My MAE didn't manage a single vote, for the first time, in the ASC awards this year either. She hasn't had a story there for 2, I think. I do hope our muses aren't dead.