Wednesday, November 24, 2004

We have winners!

You can view them on the MEFAwards web site and you can also read ALL the comments there. That is mostly what I've been doing since the 15th when we announced the winners (on time!). There was a lot of formatting to do to get them up on the web site.

You can also view the winners of the banner contest. If you can't get them to come up, it means the power is still out at Gabrielle's house. With the banners, we ran out of room on the Earthlink website. So we moved the banners to Gabrielle's server at home.

Now I think I have a few little admin-type things to do and then maybe I can have a few days to rest. Then it's on to the Post Mortem. And the surprise, which I hope will be ready by Dec. 1st.


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