Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Elves, Men and Amnesty Day

The Elves and Men categories have closed. There were quite a few votes, though still a minority of the members of the group. Only 4 stories, I believe were left without any votes. Hobbits and Orcs will be closing after tomorrow, and meanwhile, Rohan and Numenor have opened. Humor and Adventure will open after Hobbits and Orcs close.

But we've added something new! Since I was left with one extra day in Voting Season (October 31st was not occupied by any categories as The Hobbit and LOTR will close on October 30th), and there were still Elves and Men stories I hoped to read, I created Amnesty Day and the members of the group seem to like this idea. Amnesty Day is a day for any last votes, in any category. It's a free-for-all for any story or author you haven't already voted on, a last chance to get some votes in. So there's hope for those 4 Men stories and any others that don't yet have votes.


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